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Every flag wear design is cut by hand from the stars on the Grenada flag to the sisserou parrot on the Dominica flag. 

We also weld and bend wire bras ourselves


We have new designs that come out weekly every wednesday/thursday and can be first viewed via our Instagram; jalisalee.comm for all of our collections!.

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Jalisa Lee is a handmade company that was founded in 2011 by Jalisa Harris. 

The Brand started out altering already made clothes and one off dresses.

It did not develop into a solid brand until 2012, when Jalisa attended Notting Hill Carnival. 

Instead of having a flag to represent Barbados (Her roots) Jalisa wanted to wear a Barbadian outfit to represent at the famous carnival, but, to no success of finding one, she was then inspired to create the Barbados flag into leggings after seeing American flag ones.